Transition Retreat Testimonials

“I learned how in control I am of choices and have been throughout my life. This has driven me for a long time - being empowered by choice every day. This Sabbatical made me realize how in control I am at a time when chaos in my work life is present.”
“I left Strategic Sabbatical and immediately changed my career, led by a very clear story and mission statement. So powerful! What's even more, is that my purpose statement is one that sits at the center of everything in my life - to include my religion, work, kids, wife, athlete, etc.”
“At Strategic Sabbatical, I finally found my purpose driven life. Being away from it all, including my family responsibilities, really helped focus my efforts. The location was meditative, quiet and reflective. Starting each day with an excellent night’s sleep (quiet, no distractions like TV) followed by a yoga session was perfect. Grounded.”
“Calm. Centered. Clear articulation of my strength in life and work (one and the same).”
“I would tell people thinking of coming to Strategic Sabbatical that it's like an adult self-reflective sleepaway camp, with really yummy food and great company.”
“Strategic Sabbatical pushed me across the finish line with work I was doing.”
“Tara is the best 🙂 thoughtful, insightful, encouraging, no judgment, practices what she discusses.”
“Tara, you rocked this Sabbatical. Thank you for always putting yourself out there - in mind, body and spirit. You are an amazing woman and I'm glad God had it in His plans for us to meet. Until next time…”