Strategic Sabbatical

Strategic Sabbatical: Transition with Purpose Retreat Aug 20-25, 2017

 Where + When

Friday, Aug 18

Evening Kickoff Salon with Tara at the Claremont Resort and Spa, in Oakland

Saturday, Aug 19

Integrity Cleanse and Nervous System Tune-Down [@ home or your privately arranged housing, with Tara’s direction]

Sunday, Aug 20—Friday, Aug 25

Onsite at Cedar House Sport Hotel in Truckee/Lake Tahoe, California

 What It Is + What’s Included

Strategic Sabbatical

is a personalized, one-week

designed to de-chaos your nervous system, induce clarity on your purpose and next steps, trigger creative flow and spark breakthroughs, action and momentum.

At Strategic Sabbatical you will:

Get clearer than you’ve ever been on your purpose and your genius

Learn how to tell your story with confidence and creative power

Metabolize past experiences and release played-out, tired storylines

Cultivate direction, clarity and momentum for your next season

Learn how to disrupt yourself anytime you need to

Develop practices for moving boldly through life transitions with ease, flow, and fun

Strategic Sabbatical is ideal for people seeking a personalized path to transformation along these tracks


1. Your upcoming career transitions and next steps for moving forward


2. Your personal answers to your search for meaning, purpose and clarity about why you’re here


3. Help with the places in your life and career where you are stuck, unclear or need to solve specific problems

Strategic Sabbatical—Transition with Purpose includes:

An 30-minute advance briefing/prep call with Tara’s team

A 60-minute One-on-One Discover Your Genius’ session with Tara’s own coach, Monisha Chandanani, between Registration and Sabbatical

Group Sabbatical kickoff Friday night with Tara in Oakland at the Claremont Resort and Hotel

Decompression and Onramp Homework Saturday

Meals and accommodations at the Cedar House Sport Hotel in Truckee from Sunday Aug 20 through Friday Aug 25

Six day structured, transformational daily program at the Cedar House Sport Hotel

The structured daily program at the Cedar House Sport Hotel includes:

Group Sabbatical kickoff Friday night with Tara in Oakland at the Claremont Resort and Hotel storylines

Morning grounding and flow-generating practices (group)

Group WOD `{`Wisdom of the Day`}` sessions with Tara, sharing her Flight Plan Model of Transformation.

Group StoryCrafting sessions with Tara and professional storyteller Rebecca Silliman.

A One-on-One ‘Discover Your Genius’ tune-up with Monisha Chandanani

Evening fireside chats on Purpose, Clarity and Attraction with Tara and Monisha.

Cultivating clarity on your purpose and decision rules about: your next season and next steps, what work to do (and not do), what  jobs to take (and not take), what projects to invest in (and not to invest in), what people and organizations to align with (and which to run from).

Daily routine practices for creating flow, cultivating clarity, developing independence from the opinions of others and unlocking energy and time.

Releasing old, played out operating systems: blocks, patterns and stuck points.

Generating transformational habits you can use for a lifetime and default behaviors of action and course-correction.

Identifying and deactivating derailers and limiting factors.

Several hours of structured individual work every day to develop your Personal Flight Plan.

Friday morning Group Integration and Action Session – get momentum on your plan by starting it before you leave

Private Online Community of conscious leaders in transition, before, during and after Strategic Sabbatical.

Strategic Sabbatical—Transition with Purpose is for you if:

You work in tech or have at one point in time. Or want to. Or aren’t exactly sure what you want to do.

You are great at a large number of things, and you like to study things. You could really do anything. Sometimes you actually try to do everything.

People consider you to be “very successful” but you are not doing the work you want to do – or the work you were put on the planet to do. You’re not sure exactly what that work is.

Sample Daily Agenda


07:00 Morning tonic/smoothie bar + Morning Pages


08:15 Guided Meditation with Monisha


08:45 Morning movement (yoga or walk)


10:00 Breakfast + Morning Page Group Convo


10:30 WOD: Wisdom of the Day with Tara | How to Execute +Metabolize Endings


11:00 Prompted Writing + Daily Flight Plan Assignment


12:00 Picnic lunch at Donner Lake


2:00p Group StoryCrafting with Tara and Rebecca


3:00p Individual Time: Prompted Writing + Flight Plan work, One-On-One Genius Touch-Ups with Monisha, One-on-One Story Sessions with Rebecca


6:00p Dinner


8:00p Fireside Chat with Tara + Monisha on Transformation and Attraction

You are generally happy and optimistic about life, but not sure exactly what to do next.

You have dabbled with the idea of starting your own business.

You enjoy reading wisdom and personal growth literature like The Power of Habit, Start with Why, The Untethered Soul and The Artist’s Way.

You have done Tara’s 30 Day Writing Challenge, or other Challenges, like The Whole 30.

You’ve never really been satisfied. Maybe ever.

You are a leader. And you know there’s something bigger out there for you.

You believe life is a series of projects to get healthier, wealthier and wiser–or all of the above.

You agree that almost everything about your life can be changed, if you decide that you want to change it.

You know it's time to grow to the next level of your work: into leadership, into entrepreneurship or to start or grow your own business

You are facing a personal or relationship transition


$3950 Double room, pay in full


$4550 Single room, pay in full


$4250 Double room paid in 2 installments: $2,125 deposit + $2,125 by July 20


$4850 Single room paid in 2 installments: $2,425 deposit + $2,425 by July 20

Does your company give you a coaching, conference or learning and development stipend?

Over 25% of past Strategic Sabbatical participants’ registration fees were covered at least partially by their employer.

We’re happy to help you get your Strategic Sabbatical covered by your company. Just drop Tara a note at: support at strategicsabbatical dot com.