FlowStorm Writing Retreat Testimonials

“THANK YOU TARA for your depth of space holding, intention setting, prompt framing...I am delighted and honored that this is now a new community remaining on-going.”
“Keep doing these Tara- it was an amazing thing...and I feel like I accomplished so much and I am sure everyone else does too... big love to you! I hope you keep this Facebook group going- it is a real community!”
“It's a gift you will give yourself to participate in this. It allows you to journey deep within your soul.”
“Exactly what I needed. Your confidence and energy are inspiring.”
“Amazing experience. Pushing past lots of boundaries.”
“I feel a sense of freedom from my past that had been weighing my heart down. Revived. Spark of excitement. Stopped procrastinating so much.”
“I have decided to cut off clients that don't deserve me, and make space for people that are better to deal with. I think it will be very profitable and better for my stress level.”
“I found myself taking action towards daydreams I had harbored for a long time.”
“Day 1 of this exercise I began peeling away the layers that just lay on the surface. ``
“I stopped being concerned with what others think. I'm not living for them. They are either part of my purpose or not.”